Ask a Stoner: My Dad Smokes Weed Now, But Not With Me

Dear Stoner: My dad smokes weed now, but not with me. What the fuck? Am I not cool enough?

Dear Irene: Probably not. You’re already narcing him out to me and the rest of the world. I wouldn’t want to get high with you, either. Kidding...

I noticed you say he smokes weed now, indicating that he hadn’t before. If your father is new to smoking weed, as a growing number of older adults in legalized states are, then there could be several reasons why he doesn’t want to do it with you.

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Senior citizens are a rapidly growing demographic of cannabis consumers.
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Maybe he was a hardass with you for smoking dope in the past and now feels awkward about doing it with you; maybe he does it for medical reasons and doesn’t want to do it socially; or maybe he’s just too new to smoking pot, and the concept of doing it with you is overwhelming after getting too high.
Don’t make assumptions — talk to him. Some people just like to toke alone.

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