Do you like to leave the house when you smoke pot?EXPAND
Do you like to leave the house when you smoke pot?

Wealthy Cannabis Consumers Would Rather Smoke at Home

After years of sitting on the sidelines, Colorado's state lawmakers and local regulators are finally starting to address the issue of social cannabis consumption. Denver's first licensed cannabis consumption lounge opened its doors earlier this month, while a bill in the Colorado General Assembly that would allow dispensary tasting rooms passed its first committee hearing March 19.

But what if it's all for naught?

According to a new study that surveyed more than 600 current cannabis users regarding their spending and consumption habits, most would prefer consuming in private. The survey, conducted by Emerging Insider Communications, found that many people want to stay home when it comes to weed.

While there's no ignoring the public clamoring for social consumption areas, 78 percent of the EIC respondents said they would rather smoke cannabis at home instead of outdoors or in any designated businesses in legalized states. Then again, nearly 70 percent of the respondents also said they preferred a legal delivery service over in-store experiences.

A bill now in the Colorado Senate would legalize a one-year pilot program for regulated cannabis delivery, but both medical and recreational dispensaries are currently banned from deliveries throughout the state.

Discretion could be a reason behind the respondents' desire for privacy, as 32 percent said that their families didn't know they consumed cannabis. However, the EIG admits it only interviewed "highly affluent" users and labeled its study "The Sentiment and Behaviors of High Net Worth Cannabis Consumers."

It's also worth noting that the study didn't ask respondents if they'd be willing to consume in social areas if they were visiting a city where they didn't have access to a private home. That's been a major concern for visitors to Colorado, affluent or not.

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