Ask a Stoner: What is Neem Oil, and How Does it Affect My Pot?

Ask a Stoner: What is Neem Oil, and How Does it Affect My Pot?

Dear Stoner: What the hell is neem oil? Should I worry about it in my buds?
Brian Blaze

Dear Brian: Neem oil is an extract of azadirachta indica, more commonly known as Indian lilac, nimtree or neem tree. Despite having “indica” in its name, this tree doesn’t carry any THC or CBD, but it does have an impact on some of the buds you’ve probably smoked throughout your stoner career. Used as an effective treatment for agricultural pests that also annoy cannabis grows, neem oil is deemed non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency for food and ornamental crops, and doesn’t cause any red flags for farmers who use it. But studies done haven’t included cannabis or crops meant for smoking.

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There are researchers who argue that neem oil could be behind cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, a rare and mysterious set of afflictions suffered by some heavy cannabis users that include nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, but those assertions are based on limited studies, and some growers still swear by neem oil. If you’re worried about it, keep an eye out for azadirachta or any of its aliases on the pot products you buy.

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