Ask a Stoner: Colorado Weed is Pricey, Dry and Boring

Dear Stoner: When I moved here, I thought I was in weed heaven. But now I’m letting out a big yawn. Snaxland is good, but then what? I’ve had Cherry, Malek’s, Antero, Clearwater, Bloom, Veritas and more. Prices keep going up, but not quality, as they’re lacking terps and usually too dry. Do I need to learn how to grow?

Dear Ethan: Why not learn how to grow if you have the resources? You might not have that right forever. But I’d also prefer to raise my own chickens and grow my own carrots, and that’s not happening in a Denver apartment. Thankfully, there’s a weed store right across the street from my King Soopers, and I’m not a total weed snob.

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Cannabis can always improve, but there’s no shortage of heat out here.
Jacqueline Collins
You’ve got a few good points in your rant: There’s no denying that Colorado weed has a dryness problem, that prices go up and down (up as of late, according to seasonal trends and state data), and that all growers, black market or legal, have strains that don’t turn out how they'd imagined, yet that rarely stops them from trying to unload those disappointments. But you’re setting yourself up to fail by only searching out hyped brands, and you’re throwing a lot of talented growers under the bus there. Search out dispensaries with in-house cultivations, quit only buying weed at $60 an eighth in a colorful container, and get off your high horse. Cannabis can always improve, but there’s no shortage of heat out here.

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