Our Five Most Popular Ask a Stoner Questions of 2019

Our Five Most Popular Ask a Stoner Questions of 2019
As America's knowledge about the plant grows, the range of subjects our Stoner handles has expanded. While most of the questions we received in previous years asked such things as how to roll a joint or if it's possible to boof marijuana (it is, but be careful), 2019 queries ventured into slightly more intellectual subjects, such as the recent vaping health crisis, or what the point of useless "indica" and "sativa" designations really is.

As we enter a new year full of unknown and new mysteries, here are five of our most interesting and popular Ask a Stoner questions from 2019:

Ask a Stoner: Should I Quit Vaping THC?
As vaping-related respiratory illnesses, hospitalizations and even deaths occurred across the country in 2019 — including in Colorado — readers became increasingly worried about the convenient and indiscreet THC vaping cartridges that have become so popular. As we pointed out to readers, we haven't heard of any hospitalizations related to vaping products sold at Colorado dispensaries (most hospitalizations are connected to black market products), but that didn't stop the state Marijuana Enforcement Division from banning vitamin E acetate (the chemical linked to many vaping illnesses in 2019) as well as other vaping chemicals.

Ask a Stoner: Tipping Budtenders
Not topical, but timeless. Am I supposed to tip a budtender? Reader response indicated the answer depends on the customer and level of services provided — a sentiment with which we agree. Digging through bins for the right gram of hash or answering question after question about edibles and sativa strains probably deserves a little extra. Laughing and saying "I mean..." after being asked for a strain recommendation does not.
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Herbert Fuego is the resident stoner at Westword, ready to answer all your marijuana questions.
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