Puffco has been recruiting glass artisits to create attachments for the company's concentrate vaporizers.EXPAND
Puffco has been recruiting glass artisits to create attachments for the company's concentrate vaporizers.
Courtesy of Puffco

Puffco Art Show to Unite Glass Lovers and Hash Heads This Weekend

We try to stay as updated as possible with our weekly Cannabis Calendar, but even we let an event slip by every now and then. The Puffco Art Show, a free party for those who appreciate fine glassware and cannabis concentrates, looks too cool to ignore, though.

Put on by vaporizer brand Puffco at Cultivated Synergy (a venue that is no stranger to having 4/20-inspired fun), the show will allow guests to check out new Puffco devices for cannabis concentrates as well as glassware from artists such as Ryan Fitt, BTGB, Big Z, Hefe, Erik Anders, Saki, Blitzkreiga, Pakoh, Reyna, EF Norris, Scolari, MTP, Josh Ford, Pogo, Orian, Kage, Cello, Nerv, Solo, Spacewalk, Enuff, Eternal Quartz, Slate, Jared Cortland, Flic and Trikky.

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Puffco recently held a "Glass Open" in Los Angeles, inviting glassblowers to create functional art attachments for electronic Puffco products. This weekend, you can check out some of those attachments for yourself, and even get high with your friends while doing it, according to event organizers.

Cultivated Synergy has experience with private, pot-infused parties.EXPAND
Cultivated Synergy has experience with private, pot-infused parties.
Jacquelline Collins

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"Join us Saturday, October 20...meet the team, and sesh with your friends. There will be a few surprises!" promises Puffco founder Roger Volodarsky.

The Puffco Art Show will take place from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 20, at Cultivated Synergy, 2901 Walnut Street. Attendance (21+) is free, but anyone wishing to get in must have registered at the event website before arriving.

If you don't think attaching glassware to electronic vaporizers can look good, think again. Winners from the last Puffco Glass Open pulled off some pretty jaw-dropping stuff, with pieces ranging from glass balloon animals to Looney Tunes characters.

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