Ask a Stoner: What Questions Should I Be Asking at Dispensaries?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What Questions Should I Be Asking at Dispensaries?

Dear Stoner: What are some good questions to ask when I visit a dispensary so I know I’ll go home with what I want? I can’t handle all the info budtenders spill on me, and some of them don’t care too much.

Dear Pain Rook: I know what you’re going through. Seeing some poor soul get inundated with a ten-minute talk about CBD tinctures and salves when they only came in to buy some regular weed is all too common. To avoid that, tell the budtender you’ve been in the dispensary before (even if you haven’t), then make sure your questions pertain to the exact effects you desire.

Inside Botanico dispensary in Denver.EXPAND
Inside Botanico dispensary in Denver.
Scott Lentz

A lot of budtenders will just ask if you want an indica, sativa or hybrid, and then will pull out whichever strains tested for the most THC. But ask them more specific questions, like “How racy is that sativa? Can you still concentrate after smoking?” or “Will I be able to accomplish much on this Kush, or will I be sedated immediately?” Ask them about smells, flavors and their own experiences with products, and don’t let a few prickish eye-rolls or uninspired answers deter you from getting the information you need.

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