Ask a Stoner: Should I Cure Dispensary Weed a Few Extra Days?

Ask a Stoner: Should I Cure Dispensary Weed a Few Extra Days?
Dear Stoner: Should I cure my weed for a few extra days after I buy it?

Dear Raul: Curing should be done by cannabis suppliers before it reaches your hands, but that’s not the case at most commercial operations (or on the black market, if we’re being honest). Given how long it takes for plants to run their course and the bottom line that businesses chase, most growers are cutting down plants in six to eight weeks no matter the strain, so adding a few extra weeks on at the end to properly cure has been out of the question for years now. That’s what the distribution and retail process are for, but that’s usually not long enough.
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Jacqueline Collins
There are still growers who take the time to cure their weed, but even those who care acknowledge the thin time margins under which they operate. Adding just two weeks on to each harvest could mean an extra batch in the bloom room if timed right, so those curing stops end up costing the consumer more. Waiting a week as your weed ripens in a jar doesn’t sound like much fun, but if you buy large enough amounts or have the patience, it’s worth the wait.

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