Ask a Stoner: Smoking Weed on the Golf Course

Ask a Stoner: Smoking Weed on the Golf Course
Dear Stoner: Is it acceptable to smoke weed on the golf course? A friend of a friend got mad at us for lighting up on the seventh hole. I know it's probably illegal, but what should society say? If there are no kids around, why not?

Dear Greens: Once again, golf's ethics lead to an argument on the links. First off, smoking weed on the course, like all public outdoor consumption in Colorado, is definitely illegal. But smoking of any kind is banned on most courses, as is drinking alcohol you didn't buy at the course — and one look inside of a trash can at holes 2 through 18 will show that so, so many of us are breaking those rules. And guess what? The golf course knows that, and usually accepts us pretend golfers as long as these acts aren't blatant.
Wait until the clubhouse is far enough out of view, make sure there's not a group tailing close behind, and you should be fine smoking a bowl or joint, as far as breaking the rules go. However, that logic won't always please the lone square in the group, or those who hate any kind of cannabis use or smoking. Vetting new additions to a golfing foursome is a must, and clearly should be done more intently on your end.

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