Ask a Stoner: What Goes Into a Weed Goodie Bag?

Ask a Stoner: What Goes Into a Weed Goodie Bag?
Dear Stoner: An old friend is visiting soon, and I was thinking of welcoming him with a marijuana goodie bag. What should I put in there? I have about $150 to spend.
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Dear Heidi: I’ll leave the artful arrangement of the gift basket up to you, but I can help with the grocery list. For a visitor who’s new to legal cannabis, you’ll want to start with the three staples: flower, edibles and concentrates. An eighth of bud shouldn’t be more than $45 to $50 after tax at the pricey spots, so that leaves you $100 for more goodies.

You could show your friend the innovation of hash-oil cartridges and vaporizer pens, a combo that runs about $70, or buy a gram of live resin to dab, which usually costs between $40 and $60. With the rest, get a couple of sweet treats or even a drink to wash it all down. You could roll some of that eighth into joints to garnish the basket for presentation and quick access, but don’t waste your money on pre-rolls: They’re a bad representation of legal weed.

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