Why Colorado Tokers Love Strawberry Diesel

Rubber and Berries: a better combo than you'd think.
Rubber and Berries: a better combo than you'd think. Herbert Fuego

I’ve accumulated a pile of at least twelve unread books over the past few years. I still intend to read them, but that stack is more likely to grow than shrink anytime soon. Japan has a word for lazy book collectors like me: tsundoku. That term very much applies to cannabis, as well. Dozens of strains have piqued my interest while I’ve been out shopping, only to be pushed down the queue by a sexier, stankier bud that catches my attention. Finally, though, after months of passing it over, I gave Strawberry Diesel a shot, and it made me wonder the same thing I thought after reading Friday Night Lights: What took me so long?

This mix of New York City Diesel and Strawberry Cough is like a black-and-tan beer combination, with thick, distinct smells and flavors that reflect the strain’s fruity, rubbery heritage without really mixing them together. In fact, at home I sat for several minutes holding the jar to my nose, simply to admire those thick smells of strawberry milk syrup (my favorite quality of Strawberry Cough), which are exquisitely cut with tart, rubbery whiffs of Diesel at the end for balance without compromising either strain’s defining characteristics.

Strawberry Diesel's daytime effects are just as fantastic, giving the right amount of energy without side effects like anxiety, heavy dry mouth or overthinking which song to play next. While I still have a lot more searching left, there isn’t a fruity take on Diesel that I don’t love. Cherry Diesel is another sweet-smelling blast of useful vigor, and can replace caffeine for the second half of my day once I’m home from work. Strawberry Diesel may be easier to find in Denver, and the effects are extremely similar.

I’ve seen Strawberry Diesel at Colorado Harvest Company, Denver Dispensary, Denver Kush Club, Euflora, Levels, Redeye Releaf and Whole Meds, as well as in concentrate form at certain dispensaries that carry PAX pods, like High West Cannabis and Urban Dispensary. Good Chemistry stocks White Strawberry Diesel, an in-house strain with similar genetics.

Strawberry Diesel can get relatively round, plump and dense for a sativa (though I’ve seen wispier versions), with cone- and heart-shaped buds. It’s not necessarily a looker, and sports moderate trichome coverage over an uninspiring wintergreen color. But don’t let that fool you.

Smell: Those signature aromas from NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough are preserved without overwhelming each other, starting with Strawberry Cough’s sweet, syrupy fruit notes. That intense sweetness is taken out by a more sour, tangier Diesel scent, which smells like a mix of Skunk, rubber and a little black pepper.

Flavor: The luscious strawberry notes don’t come through quite as much in the smoke (or vapor), but they’ll still stick to the sides of your tongue and are more noticeable in a joint. The Diesel flavors are stronger, with a tangy, sour flavor and a dank, floral aftertaste.

Effects: That uptick expected from Diesel or Cough strains isn’t jolting, but what the high lacks in energy, it makes up for in focus. Delicious and uplifting without pushing you over the edge (though you can certainly do that yourself), the high is productive without heightening the nerves, allowing you to be creative, finish chores and deal with boring conversations.

Home grower’s take: “Oh, man. This smelled and tasted amazing, but was a total pain in the ass to grow. Stems liked to stretch, and it had a mold a problem I was able to take care of — thank God — so it felt like I was constantly dealing with something. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone inexperienced. The flavor was so good, though, and the smoke hit me hard, too. Very happy strain without making me stupidly stoned. I’d definitely buy it at a dispensary, but not sure I want to deal with all that cutting again.”

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