Our Ten Favorite Ask a Stoner Questions Since LegalizationEXPAND

Our Ten Favorite Ask a Stoner Questions Since Legalization

Shortly after Amendment 64 passed on November 6, 2012, the flood of questions began. How much pot can I buy from a dispensary at one time? How many plants can I grow in my house? Why do I want to eat half my body weight in fried chicken after I smoke? To answer all of these inquiries effectively, Westword created a new position: the Stoner.

Though he doesn't look like the sharpest tool in the shed, our Stoner has been here for all of your cannabis questions since it was legalized recreationally. Questions have ranged far and wide in the five years since voters spoke up (and toked up); keep reading for links to the the ten most interesting, relevant and ridiculous we've received:

Can I Boof My Weed?

Can I Tip My Uber Driver With Weed?

Why Can't I Use My Phone in a Dispensary?

How Can I Send Marijuana to an Out-of-State Friend?

On Probation for a DWAI (Beer), Can I Use MMJ?

Can I Microwave My Pot Plants?

Can I Take Edibles to a Work Party?

What Is Veganic Growing?

Landlords, Tenants and Home Grows

Is There Weed That Works Like Viagra?

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