Third Boulder Dispensary Receives Medical Marijuana Delivery Permit

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. will have some competition behind the wheel in Boulder.
Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. will have some competition behind the wheel in Boulder. Scott Lentz
Boulder is quickly turning into the marijuana delivery capital of Colorado...but only by default.

Earlier this month, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. became the third Colorado dispensary permitted for medical marijuana delivery, according to state Marijuana Enforcement Division records. Magnolia Road will have some local competition, though: The other two dispensaries with delivery licenses — Helping Hands Herbals and the Dandelion by Native Roots — are also located in Boulder.

Boulder is one of only two Colorado towns currently allowing medical marijuana delivery; the other, nearby Superior, also allows delivery but doesn't have any pot shops. As Denver and other cities consider opting into a new state law that allows delivery in municipalities that have approved it, Boulder dispensaries have a head start, thanks to a decade-old city ordinance left over from the early MMJ years that already authorizes marijuana delivery.

Both Native Roots and Helping Hands have said that only registered member patients can use their delivery services. Magnolia Road ownership declined to comment on specifics of its delivery option, but an employee says that the service, which is still being set up, will be available "very soon."

Recreational marijuana delivery isn't allowed until 2021 under the same 2019 law that allowed MMJ delivery to start this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced store owners and state and local governments alike to consider new shopping options. Although industry efforts pushing for recreational delivery to be fast-tracked have been unsuccessful so far, executive orders from Governor Jared Polis have temporarily allowed online ordering and curbside pickup at dispensaries, both of which are usually illegal.

Despite being an option for local governments since the beginning of 2020, marijuana delivery hasn't been considered by more than a handful of towns. Denver, typically viewed as the trendsetter in marijuana policy, created a work group to evaluate delivery-service options before Denver City Council makes the ultimate decision, but that isn't expected to happen for several more months.
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