Ask a Stoner: Name Some Tough Strains Against MildewEXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Name Some Tough Strains Against Mildew

Dear Stoner: What are some strains that are tough against mold or mildew? I’m worried my basement is too humid.
Sirius Bones

Dear Sirius: If you want to grow cannabis in your basement, you’ll need to address the ventilation issue or you’ll wind up wasting time and money. Humidity can affect bud quality beyond just attracting pests and creating mold and mildew — though any of those three is a nightmare for a grower. After you tackle that, look for the right strains: Some were developed for outdoor cultivations in the humid climates of Florida and Georgia, then improved with selective breeding.

Blue Dream is well documented as a tough strain that withstands mold, mildew and pests (a large reason that it’s so popular commercially), as are White Widow, Purple Kush, Sweet Tooth and Bubba Kush. Landrace strains from wetter climates like Southeast Asia, parts of Africa and Central America evolved naturally in humid environments, so anything with Durban Poison, Colombian Gold and Thai genetics is a good bet for mold resiliency — but of those, Durban Poison is the only one that’s easy to find. Fluffy sativas with looser calyxes, like many Haze strains, AMS or Moby Dick, are also a safe choice.

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