Want to Write About Cannabis? We Want to Hear From You.
Jacqueline Collins

Want to Write About Cannabis? We Want to Hear From You.

Westword made international news a decade ago when we announced that we were hiring a marijuana critic, in recognition of just how big the cannabis business was getting in Colorado.

Dispensaries had already started popping up around town for MMJ patients, and we realized there were a lot of stories to be told about the green rush. Three years later, this state's voters approved Amendment 64, which legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado. After that the industry exploded, and it continues to grow.

So does our coverage of cannabis.

We're looking for a few new contributors to help with our coverage of the local scene. Are you interested in profiling some of the industry players? Following the latest developments as the industry deals with the legislative changes passed in the last session? Sharing tips from experts in backyard grows?

Want your work to be the toke of the town? We'd like to see a résumé (if you have one; a few paragraphs of background will do, including any employment in the cannabis industry) and a cover letter detailing what areas you'd be interested in exploring. If you have specific story ideas, please include those. (Note: We focus on local stories.) Professional writing experience is not required, though a clear writing style and a devotion to getting facts right are absolute necessities.

Send your materials to marijuana@westword.com.

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