Ask a Stoner: Should I Stop Buying Pre-Rolls?

Ask a Stoner: Should I Stop Buying Pre-Rolls?
Dear Stoner: Should I even consider buying pre-rolls anymore? Half of them have been barely smokable the last few times I’ve bought packs.

Dear Kenny: You never should’ve. Pre-rolls have been and still are the hot dogs of legal cannabis. They’re cheap, ready to consume, and largely made with the snouts, hooves and buttholes left over after all the prime cuts are gone. There’s a handful of decent pre-roll brands filling their cones with quality flower, and that’s great as long you’re willing to pay upwards of $15 apiece. But if we’re being honest, most of this product category is doodoo made up of old, gross plant matter.
Free pre-rolls from dispensaries are usually the worst offender. It takes a lot for me to turn down free weed, but those things are borderline unsmokeable — and sometimes they’re packed so tightly and the herb is so pulverized that they literally aren’t smokeable. Roll your own. It’s not that hard.

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