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Ask a Stoner: What's the Best Way to Consume CBD?

If you can eat it or drink it, someone’s probably trying to infuse it with CBD.
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Dear Stoner: With CBD added to almost everything now, what should I consume it with?

Dear McDreamy: These days, if you can eat it or drink it, chances are good that someone’s trying to infuse it with CBD. And not just the stuff that humans eat, either: Products for dogs, cats and horses are all targets of the CBD and hemp industries. None of these come cheap, and you’ll need to research brands to make sure that they’re ethical and lab-tested. But when CBD additions are done right — in sodas, baked goods, peanut butter, candy, coffee, tea and even popcorn — you can’t taste them. Most of these items are infused with five to ten milligrams per serving, and aren’t meant to really remedy much other than slight tension or soreness after a long day. And they’re getting easier to find at liquor shops, grocery stores and online, especially in Colorado, where the hemp industry is further along than in the rest of the nation.
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Adding CBD isolate to food and drinks is easy, both during and after they're made.
Jacqueline Collins
It all comes down to how much and how often you want CBD. Tinctures and concentrated oils with heavy amounts of CBD are more commonly used for certain medical conditions; you can ingest them faster, and they can be taken alone or mixed with drinks or food. They’re harder to find in retail establishments but are better for regular use.

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