Ask a Stoner: Why Don't More Nighttime Edibles Carry CBN?

Ask a Stoner: Why Don't More Nighttime Edibles Carry CBN?
Dear Stoner: Why don’t more “calming” edibles have CBN in them? Seems like the way to knock us out if they really wanted to.

Dear Snooze:
There are questions about CBN’s effects that need answering before we label it the sleep cannabinoid...though it might be too late already (partly in thanks to media outlets like our own). A handful of study results show that CBN could be a sedative — but just as much, if not more, research finds that CBN is a weaker version of THC at best and a pot placebo at worst.
Research indicates that CBN, a form of degraded THC, has to be administered in very high doses to do anything alone. Studies are mixed on what it can do when mixed with THC, however, with scientific and anecdotal evidence alternately reporting that it makes users more high or more sleepy — but results are far from consistent. As with most of pot’s claimed effects, CBN needs more research for validation. But consider me skeptical right now.

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