Ask a Stoner: Will the NFL's Softer Stance on Weed Help the Broncos?

Ask a Stoner: Will the NFL's Softer Stance on Weed Help the Broncos?
Dear Stoner: Now that NFL players can smoke weed without getting in trouble, do you think the Denver Broncos have an advantage?
Mile High Stan

Dear Stan: NFL players can still get in trouble for smoking weed, and that includes members of the Broncos and teams in other states with legal cannabis. The recent collective bargaining agreement signed between NFL owners and players did end suspensions for positive marijuana tests — but if players were truly allowed to smoke weed without suffering any ramifications, then why are they still tested for it at all?

Terez Paylor broke it down and rolled it up for Yahoo Sports, pointing out that players are now fined instead of suspended for positive THC tests, losing anywhere from half a week to three weeks of pay. And while I'm happy to see any progress made toward allowing people in pain to treat or indulge themselves, annual drug testing in the NFL was never that stringent, with the window going from sixteen to two weeks during the off-season.

Even if they weren't tested for THC, it's hard to imagine celebrity athletes walking into dispensaries, considering all of the scrutiny they're under. Any players worth wanting care more about their salary, family and winning than scoring some easy bud — not that they shouldn't be able to do both.

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