Download Suburban Home's free mix tape to prep for two months of shows

Suburban Home has been releasing mix tapes for a free for quite a while now, but it seems as though they might have reached the numerical limit of the format, because they've started over. That's right, we've got another Suburban Home Presents Mix Tape Volume 1, which might cause slight confusion among fans, but provides an hour or so of free music, nonetheless.

Unlike the original Suburban Home Presents Mix Tape Volume 1, which had the additional, "Raising Hell and Living Cheap," in the title, this mix isn't directly attached to a theme. Instead, it's a collection of songs from various acts that will be playing in Denver over the next two months. Makes sense. After all, if an imprint releasing a mix tape or compilation album is about attracting new fans to the label, what better way to get people out to shows then to highlight the awesome music first?

What you'll find on the disc is a collection of perfect music for the snowy days and slushy roads of February and March. With the exception of The Nervous' punkish track, "Report Card," the rest of the mix tape is chalk full of the modern Americana and country Suburban Home has been known for lately. Alongside Suburban Home staples like Drag the River and 4H Loyalty are solid tracks from a variety of other acts you might not have heard before.

The Hollyfelds "2 a.m." would be just at home on a '60s Dolly Parton album as it is on this tape, and Have Gun Will Travel's "Salad Days" sounds something like a mash-up between the Shins and Marty Robbins. It works, amazingly enough, and there is plenty more to appreciate on the disc.

Of course, if you like what you hear, everyone on the mix tape will be playing here in the next couple of months, including a few free shows at Illegal Pete's and 3 Kings Tavern. From the sound of it, this will be one of the things Suburban Homes will be utilizing to promote shows now that label-founder Virgil Dickerson is booking them again, so be sure to keep an eye on their website for future freebie samplers.

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Thorin Klosowski
Contact: Thorin Klosowski