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Evidently, somebody REALLY digs KTCL

As you may have gathered from the hi-dive post below, I'm about to head out of town this weekend. Taking a road trip to the West Coast for the holiday. Before heading into the office this morning, I picked up my rental car. The station was set to 104.3 the Fan -- no doubt thanks to the friendly counter guy at the rental car agency who warmed up the car before I arrived. Not being a particularly big fan of talk radio in the morning (unless, of course, it's Peter Boyles), I pressed the pre-programmed buttons on the receiver. The signal went straight to KTCL. I didn't care for the song, so I pressed the next button. KTCL. And the button after that? Uh-huh. KTCL. I'll be damned if all the buttons on that damn thing weren't set to KTCL. I'm gonna guess that Nerf, Alf or Cage must've had this rig before me. -- Dave Herrera
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Dave Herrera
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