First Friday: Feel like rockin'? Come Git Some

First Friday is usually a day reserved for people who like art wander around the city and stare at pretty pictures and talk to each other about how they have no money, but if they did, boy, they'd totally buy that painting. However, as this week's flier shows us, it doesn't have to be just about art, bands can get in on the action, too.

What we like most about this flier is the image -- so it's too bad it's so obscured by the typography, because as far as we can tell, it's a badass painting of a skeleton owl, which is an idea filled with so much win that it's a damn shame it's concealed.

It's a damn fine lineup of music to accompany the interesting variety of artists, too. There is probably not a better way to end a frigid week than with a night of rock presented by Git Some and company. We're starting to notice a trend with these Snake Rattle Rattle Snake fliers, too, even the one's they're not commissioning inevitably have a skeleton or a bone on them. Hell, the last one even had an owl on it, too. Spooky.

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