Flier of the Week: Dressy Bessy at the Gothic September 5

Summer is almost over, but it's not gone yet. That's why this week's flier caught our eye -- it grabs that last little bit of summer firmly and has a bit of fun with it. The show is Dressy Bessy at the Gothic this Saturday, September 5 and the poster captures that group's sunny, slightly goofy aesthetic just about perfectly. That's probably due to the fact that front woman Tammy Ealom did the design on this one herself -- bravo, Tammy.

The image here appropriates and re-purposes a vintage toy ad (the kid with the M-16), adding the rocket pops and remixing the whole thing into a surreal vision of summers past -- could there be a better way to send off summer present? It seems the rocket pops are some kind of recurring motif for the band these days, since they also play prominently in the video posted yesterday. No idea what that means, but hey, we're not complaining. The days are still hot and who doesn't love a good frozen treat on a hot day? Oh, and this time you can't click on the image to make it bigger -- well, you can, but it won't really do much good, as the size limitations and the proportions of the flier made posting the bigger version next to impossible. Feel free to press your face closer to the monitor and squint if you need to.

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