How does the Shpongletron Experience rank among the other top five electronic stage shows?

Since the first Shakespearean performance with blaring trumpets, cross-dressed men, confetti poppers and a curtain call, stage spectacles have only gotten better. With technological upgrades allowing music to actually control the visuals, accompanied with professional lighting engineers and audio controllers, concerts are better than ever these days.

So while rock shows have pyro and pop shows have large props and bluegrass shows have... well, bluegrass, electronic shows have really stepped up their game as of late. In honor of the Shpongletron Experience being in town this week, we've put together a list of the best electronic stage shows

5. Deadmau5

It's no secret that Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, is one of the most sought after house DJs in the world. After several appearances at Coachella, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Ultra Music Festival and Global Dance Festival here at Red Rocks (see video), he has most certainly mastered the art of putting on a great show.

4. Ettiene De Crecy

Ettiene De Crecy's stage is true visual force to be reckoned with. Three stories of LED panels transform before your eyes. Starting as a simple 3x3 block pattern, the visuals transform into a deep adventure through


-era terrain. This is just the white lights. Once the colors start dripping down the screens and the visuals really take hold, the illusion intensifies into a pulsating heart beat. Ettiene is a world class DJ who was recently signed to Dim Mak Records (Steve Aoki fans unite!) and is apparently going to be heading State-side in and around 2012.

3. The Shpongletron Experience

Prepare to be transfixed. Based on the time-lapse video alone, this contraption proves more than anything that going down the rabbit hole is completely worth it. Equipped with live dancers, custom visual software unique to this project, fire, and of course the talented Simon Posford, the Shpongletron Experience will definitely change the way you "see" music.

2. Daft Punk

It's sad that the chances of seeing Daft Punk are dwindling to huge performances in London, because these are some of the original gangsters in the game. Since the release "Homework," which featured "Around the World," a Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) directed video, Daft Punk has become nearly immortal, metaphorically through their new robot personas. This live cut is from Ireland, with audio from Coachella the previous year.

1. DJ Shadow

Shadow recently stopped in Denver and brought with him his newest stage set-up -- a digitally painted sphere surrounding his DJ booth displaying images; distorted faces, fish-eye walk throughs, lightening, Lady Gaga... this does not fall short of anything but impressive.

Catch the Shpongletron Experience tonight in Vail and Saturday night at the Boulder Theater.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.