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Jen Korte's Lady Gang Releases Video From New EP, Simple Truths

Jen Korte's solo project Lady Gang has been turning heads in 2018.
Jen Korte's solo project, Lady Gang, just announced its new EP, Simple Truths.
Jen Korte's solo project, Lady Gang, just announced its new EP, Simple Truths. Robert Castro
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Westword Music Award winner Jen Korte's solo project, Lady Gang, has been turning heads in 2018. This week the Denver artist, best known for her work with the band Jen Korte & the Loss, announced her debut EP, a three-song project called Simple Truths. To mark the occasion, she dropped a new music video for a song of the same name.

If "Simple Truths" is any indication, the project will help solidify Lady Gang's reputation as one of Denver's finest rising acts.

In part, that's because of Korte's technical wizardry, which she has developed over three years, allowing her to create a robust sound at live shows without the benefit — or hindrance — of bandmates (see Taylor Heussner's recent profile of Korte).

Unlike so many artists who open the Pandora's box of technology, creating music that is over the top and chaotic, Korte manages to be restrained and artful in her use of gadgets on Simple Truths. The result is a quilt of electronic and hip-hop beats, Americana-infused melodies and DIY attitude.

The "Simple Truths" video showcases Korte's talent as a performer while walking the viewer step by step through how the song itself was produced, from kicking the looping pedal, playing a few plodding notes on bass, strumming open chords, nailing lead-guitar riffs, pounding out electronic drumbeats finger tap by finger tap, and letting loose her yearning vocals.

"Simple Truths" is a declaration of freedom, and the video shows Korte's escape from the Rocky Mountains to the wide-open ocean. But it's also an invitation to join Korte in celebrating Lady Gang's new three-song project, which we hope will be the first of many recordings to come.

Simple Truths will drop at a concert including performances by Korte, Rare Byrd$, Venus Cruz, Ginger Perry and Los Angeles artist Lauren Lakis; comedian Elise Kerns will emcee. The event is set for 8 p.m. Thursday, August 9, at Syntax Physic Opera, 554 South Broadway; tickets are $7.
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