Locally developed EchoKast app takes iPhone and iPod recording technology to the next level

Hey, there, is that a portable recording studio in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us? Both? Ah, yes. We are pretty easy on the eyes. Oh, and you must have the installed the EchoKast app, which allows you to record, edit and playback live audio on your iPhone or iPod and then upload it directly to SoundCloud for your millions tens of fans to enjoy -- on their, ahem, iPhones or iPods.

Developed right here in Denver by Interactive Media Design, the EchoKast app was created last year by two brothers, Phillip and André Galaviz, who share a love of music (natch). The idea for the app, says Phillip, was born out of necessity when he and a friend were talking about the apps they wished had been invented.

"One of my buddies and I were in Vegas just downloading some apps," Phillip recalls, "and we were talking out loud about how it didn't make sense that somebody hadn't created an app where you could record audio."

With that in mind, the brothers set about creating an app to record live audio. In the process, the pair developed a custom-made RCA direct line-in cable to the headphone jack of the iPhone and iPod Touch capable of capturing near-studio quality sound directly from a soundboard or mixer. And once it's recorded, the track can then be uploaded directly to SoundCloud with just the touch of a button. As Phillip explains, that was the goal along. "The app was really developed in concert with SoundCloud as a quick tool to record a live performance. That's really what it was made for."

The EchoKast app is available on iTunes for $5.99, a small fee for a worthwhile investment. To see how EchoKast works for yourself, have a look at this video below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.