Lupe Fiasco supports Occupy Denver -- on Twitter and in person

Lupe Fiasco, the Chicago everyman rapper scheduled to play the Fillmore tonight, made an early stop on his tour of the city to support the Occupy Denver gathering in front of the state capitol earlier this afternoon. Fiasco has maintained an increasingly public profile about his support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which for 15 days has included Denver in its list of regional affiliates.

The rapper has taken to social media frequently to announce his approval of the movement, and his Twitter profile includes a direct shout-out to the national trend. Beginning this morning, Fiasco Tweeted his arrival in Denver with hashtags referencing the city's inclusion in the national occupation.

Back in #Denver#OCCUPY We at The Fillmore tonight!!!
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At about 4 p.m., however, Fiasco made a stop at the capitol in person to drop off tents and parkas for those who front the movement locally, many of whom sleep at the area all night and all of whom are preparing for the quickly approaching cold weather. Although nobody announced his presence while he was there, one member of the occupation shouted an acknowledgment of the rapper's donations as he and his crew settled back into their van. The donations earned a rowdy round of applause, which in turn earned a generous handful of Tweets celebrating the fact.

Fiasco, in his turn, only offered more support:

@StandUpDenver of course...u guys need anything else? #needsoftheoccupiers
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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.