Single File rock (girls jeans) at the Gap

Behold another edition of the Single File road files: In this week's episode, we find our heroes set up on the showroom floor of the Gap performing "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." The in-store is purportedly in honor of the retailers 40th anniversary (really? forty years? who knew?). Which Gap? Dunno. Does it matter? They all sort of look the same to us ... what's that? Oh... uh, this just in ... evidently, this particular clip was filmed at the Gap in San Francisco. Ahem, our apologies. Anyhow, we digress. The highlights of this vignette: well, besides seeing frontman Sloan Anderson model a pair of girls jeans, there's a snippet of the guys performing as a four-piece with Anderson on bass and Joe Ginsberg on guitar. Have a look.

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