Spools of Dark Thread making its return

Power metal fans rejoice! Spools of Dark Thread, one of Denver's favorite on-again, off-again metal bands, led by charismatic frontman Chris Thomas (Random Friend Generator, Omniism), is back in the saddle again. Yessir. Mark your calendars. A date has been set for the act's triumphant return: Saturday, March 12 at Herman's Hideaway with Horse, Fault Line and Nemesys.

The lineup has been revamped slightly since we last heard from the band, and we must say the addition of Marc Grabowski of Corruption and Demonica on the low end is pretty sweet. The rest of the lineup includes Thomas on vocals, obviously, and founding member Donny Daprix, who just moved back to Denver from Boston, on guitars with Pat Searcy and Jamey Crow is on drums. Thomas -- who's currently wrapping up work on a new Omniism record -- says the band is planning to take things as they come, in regards to whether Spools will be an ongoing concern.

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