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The always fiery Fear Before the March of Flames finishes its fourth record and prepares to return home -- on the road

Four years ago, when we last checked in with the members of Fear Before the March of Flames, arguably one of Colorado's most compelling bands, they were just a few years out of high school and all still staying with their folks. The guys eventually moved into a six-bedroom house of their own in Aurora, where they've been living ever since. Actually, "living" is probably a relative term. Aside from taking time off from touring to write and record its new album, Fear Before, the act has grown up and made its home on the road. While Fear prepares for its upcoming tour, which kicks off this Friday at the Marquis Theater, frontman David Marion talked to us about the new record.

Westword: Are you guys ready to get back on the road?

David Marion: When we left the studio, we started a tour in Canada that was three and a half weeks. We came home straight from there, and we've been home about a week and a half. I was ready to leave a couple days after we got back. Everyone in the band said I was crazy, but then they felt the same way about a day or two later. We've been home a lot this year, just writing and really just kind of in between spots. We're just ready to get the new stuff out.

What can we expect from the new record? Is it an even bigger progression than The Always Open Mouth was from Art Damage?

I kind of challenged myself to start singing a lot more. It was fun writing more melodies, and Adam's screaming a little bit more; we kind of switched things up. I'd say it's catchier than our old stuff, but a lot more focused. We were able to get ideas across a lot cleaner. I think a lot of people are going to be pretty surprised. It's still a big progression, but I really think it has potential for everybody to be happy. I think it's a lot like the last record, just its sound and musicianship, but it's a little more up front and has more energy, like Art Damage did. On Mouth, we would start writing with an electronic base; on this one, we just wrote the songs as a band and then put electronics to it in parts. It just feels like us. It's awesome. I'm so proud of it.

You guys went back and recorded with Casey Bates again. How was that? How was this time different from last time?

I think it was just how comfortable we were going back to work with Casey again. He has a new studio, and we were able to sleep there. Mouth was awesome because it was easy to work with him, but going back, it was just like hanging out. There were no walls. We weren't afraid to speak up when something didn't sound right.

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