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The Titan Courageous Takes A Break

Photo by C. James Hamilton

The Titan Courageous, one of the dozen promising bands from the Class of 2008 is going on hiatus until the fall, and then... well, we don't know. All we have to go on is a semi cryptic blog titled "New Shit Has Come to Light, Man" (nice quasi nod to Big Labowski there) written by frontman David Peackock and posted on the act's MySpace page...

"By all appearance, we’ll not be playing again," the post begins before going on to explain that the band is simply down a member -- and will be for at least the next six months. Fair enough. But then Peacock plays coy about what's to come: "It would be premature, though, to disclose anything more than a whisper about our future, but we will say, in the ironic words of the late Jeff Buckley: It's never over."

Alrighty then.

-- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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