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Wake Up and Live at Cervantes' Other Side, with Quick and Easy Boys and Rastasaurus, 2/6/14

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Bob Marley would have been 69 on February 6, and he would no doubt be proud of the changes Colorado citizens have made with recreational marijuana laws. The night was hosted by Wake Up and Live, and the seven musicians played both an acoustic and an electric set over the course of the night.

The band first got together to play a show on Bob Marley's birthday last year, and last night showed that this may be a tradition that's sticking around. The all black (with touches of red, gold and green) wearing band kicked things off with "Trenchtown Rock" and had the already excited audience instantly dancing their confident, loose, swaggery steps.

Even in their acoustic set, Wake Up and Live had a very lively and upbeat full sound, and singer-guitarist Dave Halchak's smooth vocals and boisterous showmanship blended beautifully with the lovely backup harmonies from Naomi Ochoa and Phoenix Gayles. Not only did the lovely ladies bring lovely vocals, but their infectious onstage attitudes and synchronized dance moves gave the show an extra polished touch.

Guitarist David Lott stood out throughout the night with a plethora of pedals and tones at his command, as he played effortlessly but with patient purpose. He was a particular highlight in a quick tempo cover on Paul Simon's "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes." Staccato high notes rat-a-tated out to the crowd, while keyboardist Andrew Martin added a bluesy feel to various songs with a mouth piano.

John Hait, meanwhile, dropped bass bombs so loud that drinks vibrated off the stage, causing people to cheer in a celebration of volume. The band blasted through the reggae legend's hits, percussion and everyone just coming together to create some of the most high energy reggae in recent memory.

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Leslie Simon