...And speaking of catchphrases, the latest one on Grey's Anatomy is "I'm going to Denver"

In last night's episode of the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy, the central plotline revolved around guest star Eric Stoltz, as a gravely wounded death-row prisoner whose unapologetically homicidal instincts stir conflicting emotions in the staff at Seattle Grace Hospital. But no doubt the ears of local viewers perked up during a story thread involving a woman prone to bone breaks. She tells the docs that she didn't follow her true love to Denver because of her condition; after all, it's "icy there." (Like perpetually rainy Seattle isn't pretty slick, too.) Fortunately for her, the staff discovers a benign tumor that's weakening her bones, and while recovering from its removal, she declares, "I'm going to Denver."

Cut to a bar scene later in the episode. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan (Eric Dane) has been trying to resist his attraction to Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), with whom he had an unexpected one-night stand. After seeing Lexie across the room looking especially fetching, he gives up the fight. Pushing away from the bar, he tells confidant Callie Torrez (Sara Ramirez), "I'm going to Denver."

See you there. -- Michael Roberts

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