Anthony Garcia allegedly adds special ingredient to yogurt -- semen -- at NM Sunflower Market

Here's a story from our neighboring state to the south that's too strange not to share. Although we promise not to over-share, as Anthony Garcia may have done.

According to Albuquerque's KOAT-TV, Garcia, an employee at an area Sunflower Market, served a yogurt sample to a female customer. After taking a spoonful, the woman noticed a flavor not yet offered by yogurt companies: semen. And she was right.

Albuquerque police have now confirmed that semen was found in the sample. Because DNA tests have not yet come back, they haven't specifically charged Garcia with putting it there. But conveniently enough, KOTA reports, he had "an outstanding warrant for criminal sexual contact of a minor, kidnapping and bribery."

As a result, Garcia was taken into custody, thereby preventing him from providing any more sperm swirlies to the market's customers.

By the way, the Sunflower Farmer's Markets are headquartered in Boulder -- which means this story hits even closer to home than we'd like.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Richard Troupe charged with dropping trou at Burger King, asking staffer to hold his Whopper."

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