Colorado Legislature Election Results 2018: Dems Win House and Senate

Jessie Danielson has plenty to smile about after her victory helped Democrats regain control of the Colorado Senate.
Jessie Danielson has plenty to smile about after her victory helped Democrats regain control of the Colorado Senate. File photo
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The Democratic blue wave that washed over races for governor, Congress and other major offices was evident in contests for the Colorado House and Senate, too. As a result, Dems will be in control of both chambers.

In many Colorado elections, matters pertaining to the General Assembly get comparatively little attention. But things were different this time around. The Democrats were previously in charge of the state House and saw a strong possibility of preeminence in the state Senate, too — and this prospect resulted in a flood of negative ads paid for by out-of-state Republican organizations aimed at hopefuls such as Jessie Danielson, Brittany Pettersen and Faith Winter.

The nasty spots didn't work: Winter, Pettersen and Danielson achieved victories in districts 20, 22 and 24, respectively, and none of the contests were particularly close.

With Jared Polis coming out on top in the gubernatorial competition, Democrats have earned the across-the-board power they last wielded in Colorado circa 2014. What they do with it should prove fascinating.

Continue to see the results for both chambers of the Colorado legislature as updated by the Colorado Secretary of State's Office at 4:02 a.m. on Wednesday, November 7.

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