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David Rangel: Ex-teacher gets sex-offender probation despite defense from groped student

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Former Jefferson High teacher David Rangel was arrested last September after admitting he'd kissed and groped a student -- one of two to eventually come forward. Yesterday, he received a sentence of ten-years-to-life of intensive-supervision sex-offender probation plus a six-month work-release sentence, even though one of the students in question spoke on his behalf.

According to the arrest affidavit on view below, Rangel's troubles began after a foster mother contacted the Greeley Police Department to report that one of the teens in her care said she'd had "sexual relations" and exchanged sexually charged texts with a teacher named David. The cops soon narrowed the suspects down to Rangel, who initially denied doing anything wrong. But he fessed up after the student said they'd kissed. He confirmed a liplock lasting ten to fifteen seconds, plus some over-the-shirt breast caressing.

There was more, however. In a subsequent interview, the student said Rangel touched her breast under her shirt "with skin to skin contact," then "moved his hands underneath her pants toward the lower front part of her vagina" -- and he also encouraged her to sneak out of her foster home and meet him at school.

At the sentencing, the Greeley Tribune reports, a student who'd apparently had sexually explicit conversations with Rangel -- she's likely the second victim to come forward -- spoke on his behalf. She said the police inquiry into the matter left her feeling more victimized than anything that passed between her and the teacher.

"Most people in my life believe David ruined me," she said. "I never felt like a victim... Had there never been an investigation, I could still be living happily in Greeley. Instead of being a victim of sex assault, I consider myself a victim of bullying from my peers," which got so intense that she ultimately quit school.

This entreaty didn't cause the judge to lessen Rangel's punishment, and the former teacher was remorseful in a statement to the court. He said he was "deeply sorry for what I've done. I have nothing but shame and regret for my actions and my choices. I regret the victims taking any part of the blame onto themselves. It's my fault and I take responsibility for that. I want to make things right, and if you give me a second chance to be a citizen of this community, I can promise you I won't violate the trust of the community again."

Here's the arrest affidavit:

David Rangel Arrest Affidavit

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