Top F-Bomb Tweets About Broncos Sucking Versus Browns

The Broncos' Dre'Mont Jones seconds before slamming his helmet in frustration over the team's inability to stop the Cleveland Browns.
The Broncos' Dre'Mont Jones seconds before slamming his helmet in frustration over the team's inability to stop the Cleveland Browns. NFL Network/Photo by Michael Roberts
This post is brought to you by the letter F.

Variations on a certain word that begins with that sound were used frequently by Denver Broncos fans during and after the franchise's desultory 17-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns on the October 21 broadcast of Thursday Night Football. Indeed, many of the tweets about this latest humiliation, which was compounded by the disaster being aired on national television, proved so profane that even Sarah Silverman might balk at saying them aloud.

For the second consecutive game, the now 3-4 Broncos faced an opponent in disarray. On October 17, the rival was the Las Vegas Raiders, whose head coach, Jon Gruden, had just resigned amid a scandal over racist, misogynistic and homophobic emails. And last night, Cleveland was a mess owing to an injury that sidelined starting quarterback Baker Mayfield. His lack of availability meant the start would go with Case Keenum, known by Denver fans as the signal-caller who was supposed to turn the squad around in 2018 before flopping big time. Given that monster running back Nick Chubb was hurt, too, and its defense had given up 84 points in the previous two games, the Browns should have been easy pickings for any competent NFL outfit.

Right now, however, the list of such teams doesn't include the Broncos. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater played despite the pummeling he took from the Raiders, which left him with a pronounced limp — but even if he'd been at 100 percent, he was clearly overmatched. Like Keenum, he's a game manager who can only throw the ball deep if he winds up like Max Scherzer, yet offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur keeps asking him to do so, with ultra-erratic results. Meanwhile, Denver's offensive line is the equivalent of a bar-room door that lets anyone and everyone push straight through, including Cleveland's Myles Garrett, who raced into the backfield so many times during the contest that tackle Garett Bolles probably has windburn this morning.

Meanwhile, Denver's supposedly stout defense, assembled by HC Vic Fangio, allowed unheralded rusher D'Ernest Johnson, subbing for Chubb, to collect 146 yards on 22 carries before and after Von Miller hobbled to the locker room with a wonky ankle. The unit's inability to neutralize him was most evident during the final minutes of the game, when the Broncos needed a stop in order to make a last-chance bid for victory, but repeatedly failed to do so.

Following the final whistle, Broncos Country took to social media to demand the ouster of Fangio and Shurmur — again. But this pair may stick around for a while anyway, since the rest of the coaching staff is so inept that interim leaders may be impossible to find. And so hopeless tweeters had no recourse other than to let the obscenities fly.

Count down our picks for the twenty nastiest post-game tweets, capped by arguably the most adorable Broncos tweet to ever contain an F-bomb.

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