Did Alexis Duron-Deluna Leave Her Baby Alone in the Tub to Play With Her Phone?

Three years ago, Shannon Johnson made international headlines after her infant son drowned in the bathtub while she allegedly played a game on Facebook. She was sentenced to ten years behind bars for the tragedy.

Did something similar happen in the case of Alexis Duron-Deluna? Fortunately, her baby didn't die after being left alone in the tub, although it was touch and go for a while. But an arrest report associated with a child abuse charge (see it below) notes that the infant's father had previously complained about her playing with her phone instead of supervising the kids in the bath.

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Duron-Deluna's Facebook page features oodles of photos featuring children of all ages. But a baby born in September 2013 was at the center of an incident that took place late on Monday, August 4.

At about 11:45 p.m. that night, according to the probable cause statement shared here, a hysterical Duron-Deluna called emergency dispatch about a child who was not breathing.

Emergency personnel rushed to her apartment, located in a complex at 12455 East Albrook Drive.

An ambulance rushed the infant to Children's Hospital. There, the baby vomited what's described as "copious amounts of water" and stopped breathing for a time. When the report was written, the child was listed in critical but stable condition.

Duron-Deluna wouldn't speak to investigators, but a neighbor told an officer that she'd left the baby in the bathtub alone for a few minutes. (A medical staffer is quoted as saying Duron-Deluna offered an estimate of five minutes.) Also cooperating was the child's biological father, Thomas Duron-Deluna. He and Alexis had separated about a year earlier, he said, adding that the two of them had "argued previously about Alexis leaving the babies in the tub while she played on her phone."

The Denver District Attorney's Office has accused Duron-Deluna of child abuse with serious bodily injury. At last report, she remained in custody on a $50,000 bond. Her next court appearance is slated for Monday.

Here's a full-size version of her booking photo, followed by the probable cause statement.

Alexis Duron Deluna Probable Cause Statement

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