Goodbye, Heritage Square Alpine Slide: The End for a Colorado Landmark

Heritage Square, a Denver landmark since the 1950s, isn't shutting down entirely.

The amusement park at the attraction, located in the foothills west of Denver, will remain open.

However, yesterday was the last for Heritage Square's most beloved thrill ride — the Alpine Slide. The decision was reportedly made for financial reasons.

In recent months, fans of the slide expressed their sadness over its impending demise on its Facebook page, with one person writing, "Is there anyone to petition to keep the Heritage Square Alpine Slide from having to close? Any Golden city officials who could step in? Anything????? Can we flood the mining company site (lease holder) with complaints?I LOVE your alpine slide, and it's the closest to Denver, affordable, with many other fun things to do!"

Unfortunately, there was no last-minute reprieve. The slide officially shut down yesterday afternoon, with one rider posting this photo....

...to commemorate the occasion, along with text that reads, "Lucky to have made it from HAWAII to Colorado, to ride the slide on this final day!!"

We loved the Heritage Square Alpine Slide as much as this fan does and will definitely miss the opportunity to rocket down the hillside while enjoying a spectacular view of Denver.

Fortunately, we still have the memories — not to mention a slew of videos available online.

The first four clips below feature individual slide experiences. They're followed by images from the slide's last hurrah shared by a YouTube user, plus a Fox31 report.

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