I went to jail for skateboarding, and all I got was this sweet mug shot

Skateboarding shouldn't be a crime -- but it is in certain parts of Denver. And during my recent run-in with the Denver Police Department after I was caught skateboarding on the 16th Street Mall, I learned that not only do some cops hate skateboarding, they also hate being questioned about their excessive flex of authority.

Here's my firsthand account of being arrested for my choice of transportation -- after taking it for a ride in a place I knew it wasn't allowed.

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Britt Chester is a writer and video producer living in Denver, Colorado. He's covered breaking news, music, arts and cannabis for Westword since 2010. His work has appeared in GQ Magazine, Village Voice, YES! Weekly, Inman News and the Winston-Salem Journal. He likes running, cycling, and interviewing people.
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