Indecent exposure suspect spotted at Newton Middle School running track: Speed up!

A word to those who use the Newton Middle School running track: Go as fast as you can -- or otherwise, you might get an eyeful of an indecent exposure suspect who's reportedly been hanging out there, as well as at several other nearby parks. In this case, speed may save, not kill. Look below to see an Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office release about the case, complete with an incident map.

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office release:


The suspect has been reported near the running track at Newton Middle School (Arapahoe & Colorado), as well as several parks and walking paths in the area to include Medema Park, Cherry Knolls Park and Little Dry Creek Park.

The incidents have occurred between the hours of 8 A.M. to 6:30 P.M., on weekdays and Saturdays.

SUSPECT: Black male, 16-25 years of age, approximately 5'10" tall, 150-180 pounds, hair described as a long afro and recently short with individual curls. In most of the cases the suspect was wearing long basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

If information you provide leads to an arrest and conviction, you will receive a reward. To provide information call the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office: 303-795-4711.

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