Jeremy McKim, Insane Clown Posse stabbing suspect: "I'll rape your dog"

The Denver Police Department has now identified a suspect in the stabbings of two people prior to an Insane Clown Posse concert last night.

He's Jeremy McKim, age twenty. But that's not how he's known on his ICP-loving MySpace page. There, he's Luitenant Fetus, whose "About Me" blog begins:


Here's the complete blurb:

About me:

ILL RAPE YOUR DOG AND MURDER YOUR MOTHER FAGGOT, all day on that MOST HATED shit,JSG all the real fucking homies that aint fronting like some bitch ass queer made motherfuckers! Clown love to all my real juggalos and lettes Keep it ON THAT EAST SIDE!

Who I'd like to meet:


In another section, he lists his occupation as "DISMEMBERING HOES."

Lt. Fetus's status as of February 3 was "FUCKED IN THE hEaD." His mood: "MOSTING IT." Beyond that, the page doesn't seem especially active, with only a handful of comments, just one of which is ICP-related. In it, General Cykotic writes: "WHAT UP LIL BRO! DENVERZ MOST HATED 4LYFE JUGGALO ALL DAY! Hey fam we just put together tha 20tracc mix tape an were goin 2 kinkoz in a few hourz2print tha cover art me an eratic made last nite!then were shippin them off to all my homiez in other statez! Record labelz!under ground juggalo storez all over! An tha FUCCING CLUBZ IN LIKE 3STATEZ! WTF! Itz goin down bro! BOUT TA BUBBLE~ WEST OUT MOST."

Also on display are two videos: Esham's "Helter Skelter" -- the title has that handy Charles Manson connection -- and "Bloodcraving," which pumps out the hardcore gore at a rapid pace. Although the squeamish should avoid it, ICP fans will likely handle it just fine.

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