John Mark Karr now a woman named Alexis Reich, says Inside Edition

Remember John Mark Karr? The man who briefly became a notorious in 2006 thanks to CU professor Michael Tracy's suspicion that he'd murdered Boulder tot JonBenét Ramsey? Well, he's b-a-a-a-ck.

Make that she's back -- at least according to Inside Edition, which is reporting that Karr has changed sexes and is now known as "Alexis Reich."

Inside Edition isn't the most transparent of journalistic operations. It presents a photo from what's described as Karr's Facebook page, but it doesn't include a link -- and no page listed under either Karr or Reich turned up with this image during a search conducted moments ago. Moreover, the IE piece mentions court documents that aren't supplied, either. So what's the best way to determine if the report is accurate? Maybe we should ask Michael Tracy.

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