Justin Robert West photo of himself in fun center bathroom leads to Peeping Tom bust

If Greeley police are correct, Justin Robert West set up a camera in the family changing room at a local fun center in search of a pervy sexual jolt.

But the image he allegedly took of himself setting up the device probably didn't give him much of a thrill -- since it led directly to his arrest.

On July 29, according to CBS4, a woman was visiting the facilities at Family FunPlex, a facility owned by the City of Greeley, when she discovered a camera hidden in an air freshener dispenser.

Cops were alerted shortly thereafter, and upon examining the video on the device, they discovered footage from which they grabbed this image:

Creepy? Why, yes.

Last week, the Greeley police shared this pic with the Greeley Tribune, among other area outlets. The suspect they busted a few days later didn't turn out to be a local, however. West lives in Des Moines, where he was arrested by Iowa police working in conjunction with the Greeley department.

The charges: sexual exploitation of children and three counts of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, totaling two felonies and two misdemeanors.

What was West doing in Colorado? Police believe he was traveling around the country to different "arts and crafts" sites...with his family.

West, by the way, has an active Twitter account that identifies him as "Vice President at Managed Print Services Association. Personal Productivity Engineer at Nationwide Insurance." Here's his Twitter profile pic.

The account also features an interesting tweet, dated July 22:

Just what that work entailed may help determine whether West winds up in a Greeley jail or returns to life as it was before his recent arrest. Here's his mug shot.

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