Marijuana at DIA: Public gets chance to weigh in on total pot ban rule

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According to DIA rep Stacey Stegman, "there isn't an official marijuana policy now. Marijuana just falls into the typical drug policy, but it didn't really spell things out specifically."

The working draft certain does. "The rule we're looking at prohibits marijuana in all forms on airport property: consuming, possessing, even growing, because we have a lot of acreage."

That goes for medical marijuana, too. "If you look at the TSA's website," Stegman notes, referring to the Transportation Security Administration, "you'll see a list of prohibited items, and it includes marijuana. It doesn't make an exception for medical, since it's still illegal under federal law."

Why a total prohibition? "We're not going to facilitate transport across state lines," she explains. "We operate like a quasi-federal facility, and our airlines and federal agencies have expressed some concern. We thought this would make it more consistent for all visitors to the airport to understand, rather than having different rules based on what part of the facility you're in."

This last allusion dovetails with a recent Denver Post editorial, which maintains that medical marijuana had been allowed in the terminal prior to security checks. The paper argues that this should be allowed for recreational marijuana as well. But DIA officials clearly believe that a complete ban is simpler to enforce than a partial one.
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