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Meet the sexually violent predators of Lakewood -- including search subject Nick Medina

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The Lakewood Police Department has issued an all-points bulletin for Nick Medina, a sexually violent predator who was released from prison last month and vanished a few weeks later.

Turns out Medina isn't the only sexually violent predator in Lakewood. There are seven others who are required by law to keep local authorities -- and by extension, the public -- abreast of where they're living. Get information about where they are, and learn more about the search for Medina below.

According to the LPD, Medina completed his term with the Colorado Department of Corrections in mid-June. His original crime was sexual assault on a child, which the online Sex Offender Archive specifies as sex assault -- ten-year age difference. The LPD notes that he's also been associated with local gang activity.

Medina subsequently let the cops know he would be residing at the Lakewood Lodge, 5601 West Colfax, in room number seven -- the same place another sexually violent predator listed below resides. But when cops checked in on him earlier this month, they discovered that he'd split without notifying them. Hence, the APB, which describes him as potentially dangerous.

Anyone with information about Medina's whereabouts is encouraged to call their local police or the Lakewood cops at 303-987-7111.

As for the other sexually violent predators in Lakewood, law enforcers know where they are and post the locations on the city's website. In most cases, the Sex Offender Archive offers more detailed information, but the addresses have changed in several cases, showing that many of them move around -- a lot. We've included the updated info for each, along with details about Medina following a larger look at his booking photo.

Sex Offender Archive Record: Nick Raul Medina

Age: 38 Birthdate: 1975-04-13 Gender: M Height: 5 ft. 0 in. Weight: 120 Race/Ethnicity: White Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Alias(es): Garcia,Nick; Medina,Nick R; Medina,Nicholas; Devoe,Nick; Medina,Nick; Identifying Marks: Tattoo Back; Tattoo Leg, Right, Nonspecific; Tattoo Arm, Left, Nonspecific; Tattoo Abdomen; Tattoo Arm, Right, Nonspecific; Tattoo Chest; Tattoo Wrist, Left; Scar Wrist, Left; Tattoo Calf, Right; Tattoo Arm, Left Upper; Tattoo Hand, Left;

Offense: Sex assault -- 10 year age difference (2008).

Sex Offender Archive Record: Robert Dale Blevins Continue for more information about sexually violent predators in Lakewood. Sex Offender Archive Record: Gregory Alan Buerge* *Updated address information:

Mesa Motor Inn 5600 W Colfax Ave, #216 Lakewood CO 80214

Sex Offender Archive Record: Reynaldo Charles* *Updated address information:

625 1/2 Eldridge St Lakewood, CO 80401

Sex Offender Archive Record: Derrick Kyle Coffman Continue for more information about sexually violent predators in Lakewood. Sex Offender Archive Record: Lonny William Dawson* *Updated address information:

5860 W 4th AVE Lakewood, CO 80226

Sex Offender Archive Record: Justin Michael Ohlmacher* *Updated address information:

Lakewood Lodge Motel 5601 W. Colfax Ave. #1 Lakewood, CO 80214

Sex Offender Archive Record: Joaquin Allen Perez* *Updated address information:

6347 W Mississippi Ave Lakewood, CO 80226

More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa August 2010: "Jacob Joseph Medina: You can tell who sexually violent predator is by F-word tattoo over his eye."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.