Nicholas Davis, aka "Infamous," one of five charged in crack deal ending in murder (3)

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At approximately 2:47 a.m. on May 19, according to the arrest affidavit for David "Thrill" Hill (it's on view below and is said to be identical to the ones for other suspects), Denver police officers were dispatched to the Quality Inn at 3975 North Peoria Way on a report of shots fired -- but the victim, subsequently identified as Marcus Armstrong-Roman, wasn't on site. A woman named Nicole Thomas had driven him to Children's Hospital, after which she'd raced to the entrance of the emergency room yelling, "They shot him."

Armstrong-Roman is said to have had blood on his face. He was pronounced dead at 2:50 a.m.

During an interview, Thomas told investigators that she and Armstrong-Roman, known as Messiah, lived at the Quality Inn with their two kids. That night, however, he'd made three separate crack sales to people at another local motel, the Stay Inn. One involved "an older African American male with a long neck," accompanied by "a naked female who was in bed" and "an African American male wearing a Denver Broncos jersey." Messiah had given the latter $60 worth of crack for $55, she maintained.

A short time later, the Broncos jersey guy called back, saying he was ready for more crack, and Messiah delivered it. But before Messiah and Thomas could leave the Stay Inn, another African American male ran up to the truck and angrily called him a "beast." When Thomas asked what was wrong, she recalled, Messiah told her not to worry about the guy, who he dismissed as a drunk.

Back at the Quality Inn, Messiah and Thomas lingered in the truck for a few minutes because he wanted to smoke and she preferred he didn't do so around their kids, the report states. Then the angry African American called for more crack and Messiah delivered it while she stayed in the vehicle.

Upon their return to the Quality Inn, Thomas said she received a phone call from a Hispanic male who "wanted her to make the weight right" -- the implication being that Messiah had shorted him in the transaction.

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