Occupy Denver: Protesters confront Governor Hickenlooper during benefit (VIDEO)

The Thunderdome's brief meeting with Governor John Hickenlooper has been captured on video -- and on YouTube -- and you can watch it below. Pay special attention around the 3:53 mark, when Hickenlooper exits the Denver Rescue Mission and is immediately subject to loud questions from the protesters. Corey Donahue and Scott Greene get face time with the politician, who quickly slides into the car waiting for him.

During the minute-long meeting outside of the governor's visit to a Denver Rescue Mission holiday meal event, protesters shout demands such as "Resign now!" and question Hickenlooper about the repeated deconstruction of Occupy Denver's kitchen tent, which feeds its own homeless population. While the two sides talk quickly on the sidewalk, one protester is holding a large sign that quickly takes charge of the video clip: A fake Hickenlooper head spends the last section of the clip hovering just slightly over the governor's own.

Here is the clip:

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