Our Guide to Every Recreational Marijuana Store in Metro Denver

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What's the first question a Coloradan is asked when traveling outside this state? Inevitably, it's something about the legal marijuana industry. How much money is the state making? How's the experiment working? And, most often: Can you really just walk into a store and buy pot? 

Why, yes, you can. And since this state's tourism-boosting groups are a little shy about touting the increasingly large number of places in the metro area where you can buy pot, we took it upon ourselves to produce a handy guide listing all the recreational marijuana stores in the seven counties around Denver circa summer 2015. Copies of this guide are available in select spots around town, but we're sharing the complete list below:

Central Denver
Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill: 1301 Marion St., Denver, 720-961-0560, amchdenver.com.
AMA Denver (Advanced Medical Alternatives): 1269 Elati St., Denver, 303-993-4547, amadenvermmc.com.
Caregivers for Life: 310 St. Paul St., Denver, 720-536-5462, caregiversforlife.net.
Colfax Pot Shop: 1500 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 720-328-6256, thecolfaxpotshop.com.
Denver Relief: 1 Broadway, #A-150, Denver, 303-420-6337, denverrelief.com.
Frosted Leaf: 445 Federal Blvd., Denver, 303-355-4372, frostedleaf.com.
Good Chemistry: 330 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 720-524-4657, goodchem.org.
Green Man Cannabis: 1355 Santa Fe Dr., Ste. F, Denver, 720-842-4842, greenmancannabis.com.
Groundswell: 3121 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-309-0078, groundswelldenver.com.
The Haven: 777 Canosa Ct., Ste. 102, Denver, 303-534-2600, strainwise.com.
The Health Center Uptown: 1736 Downing St., Denver, 303-758-9997, thchealth.com.
Herban Medicinals: 70 Broadway, Ste. 50, Denver, 720-343-4372, herbanmedicinals.com.
Herbs4You: 20 E. 9th Ave., Denver, 303-830-9999, herbs4youdenver.com.
High Level Health: 2028 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-355-9333, hlhcolorado.com.
High Level Health: 970 Lincoln St., Denver, 303-839-9333, hlhcolorado.com.
IVita Wellness: 1660 Pearl St., Denver, 303-952-9150, ivitawellness.com.
La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary: 105 E. 7th Ave., Denver, 303-292-2252, lacontescbd.com.
Peak: 260 Broadway, Denver, 720-390-7804, peakmj.com.
Pure Medical Dispensary: 1133 Bannock St., Denver, 303-534-7873, puremmj.com.
RiverRock Wellness: 990 W. 6th Ave., Unit 5, Denver, 303-825-3314, riverrockcolorado.com.
Tru Cannabis Mile High: 1705 Federal Blvd., Denver, 303-455-9333, mytrucannabis.com.

Downtown Denver
Ballpark Holistic Dispensary: 2119 Larimer St., Denver, 303-996-6884, ballparkdispensary.com.
Botanico: 3054 Larimer St., Denver, 303-297-2273, botanicommj.com.
Buddy Boy: 3814 Walnut St., Denver, 303-308-0420, buddyboybrands.com.
Cannabis Station: 1201 20th St., Denver, 303-297-9333, rockymountainhigh.co.
Denver Kush Club: 2615 Welton St., Denver, 303-736-6550, denverkushclub.com.
Denver Recreational Dispensary: 2117 Larimer St., #1, Denver, 303-296-2093, den-rec.com.
Euflora Downtown: 401 16th St., Denver, 303-534-6255, eufloracolorado.com.
iVita Wellness: 3980 Franklin St., Denver, 720-524-8273, ivitawellness.com.
LivWell: 2863 Larimer St., Ste. B, Denver, 303-484-1662, livwellco.com.
Lodo Wellness Center: 1617 Wazee St., #B, Denver, 303-534-5020, lodowellnesscenter.com.
MMJ America Downtown: 2042 Arapahoe St., Denver, 720-242-9308, mmjamerica.com.
Native Roots Denver: 1555 Champa Street, Denver, 303-623-1900, nativeroots303.com.
Natural Remedies: 1620 Market St., Ste. 5W, Denver, 303-953-0884, lodosdispensary.com.
Rocky Mountain High: 1538 Wazee St., Denver, 303-623-7246, rockymountainhigh.co.
Urba at MMD of Colorado: 2609 Walnut St., Denver, 720-328-2227, mmdofcolorado.com.

East Denver
The Clinic on Colfax: 4625 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-333-3644, thecliniccolorado.com.
DANK: 3835 Elm St., Stes. B & C, Denver, 303-394-3265, dank-colorado.com.
Frosted Leaf: 6302 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 720-328-0758, frostedleaf.com.
Golden Meds: 4620 Peoria St., Denver, 303-307-4645, goldenmedsdenver.com.
The Grass Station: 7200 Smith Rd., Denver, 303-546-2326, grassstationco.com.
Lightshade Peoria: 11975 40th Ave., Denver, 720-974-7220, lightshade.com.
Medicine Man Denver: 4750 Nome St., Unit B, Denver, 303-373-0752, medicinemandenver.com.
Mindful: 5926 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-573-6337, bemindful.today.
Silver Stem Fine Cannabis: 8151 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 720-771-9866, silverstemcannabis.com.
Sticky Buds Colfax: 4615 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 720-398-8805, stickybuds5280.com.
THC at Peoria Crossing: 12005 E. 37th Ave, Denver, 303-307-4935, thcatpeoriacrossing.com.
Tru Cannabis Colfax: 5130 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-953-8503, mytrucannabis.com.
Tru Cannabis Metropolis Medical Center: 4600 Ironton St., Denver, 303-373-9333, mytrucannabis.com.

North Denver
3D Cannabis Center: 4305 Brighton Blvd., Denver, 303-297-1657, 3dmmc.com.
Denco Alternative Medicine: 3460 Park Ave. W., Ste. D, Denver, 303-433-2266, dencoalternativemedicine.com.
Denver Dispensary: 4975 Vasquez Blvd., Denver, 303-308-1111, marijuanaediblesdenver.com.
Doctors Orders: 1406 W. 38th Ave., Denver, 303-433-0276, facebook.com/DoctorsOrdersDispensary.
Fox Street Wellness: 4773 Fox St., Denver, 720-881-7460, foxstreetwellness.com.
Generation Health: 4495 Washington St., Denver, 303-297-1702, nghrx.com.
The Grass Station: 4125 Elati St., Denver, 303-546-3626, grassstationco.com.
The Green Solution: 4400 Grape St., Denver, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
La Conte’s Clone Bar and Dispensary: 5194 Washington St., Denver, 303-292-2252, lacontescbd.com.
Lightshade Holly: 3950 Holly St., Denver, 303-468-6100, lightshade.com.
Pure Medical Dispensary: 505 W. 40th Ave., Denver, 720-287-4211, puremmj.com.
RiverRock Wellness: 4935 York St., Denver, 303-474-4136, riverrockcolorado.com.
The Sanctuary: 5110 Race St., Denver, 720-420-7604, strainwise.com.
The Shelter: 4095 Jackson St., Denver, 720-266-5215, strainwise.com.
Starbuds: 4690 Brighton Blvd., Denver, 720-387-8952, starbuds303.com.
Timberline Herbal Clinic and Wellness Center: 3995 E. 50th Ave., Denver, 303-322-0901, thc-denver.com.

South Denver
Colorado Wellness Inc.: 2057 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-862-5169, coloradowellnessinc.com.
Evergreen Apothecary: 1568 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-722-1227, evergreenapothecary.com.
Ganja Gourmet: 1810 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-282-9333, ganja-gourmet.com.
The Green Depot: 2020 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-728-9962, greendepotdenver.com.
The Healing House Denver: 2383 S. Downing St., Denver, 720-379-3816, healinghouseonline.com.
Herbal Alternatives: 2568 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-955-1143, newbroadsterdam.com.
The Herbal Center: 1909 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-719-4372, thctheherbalcenter.com.
The Herbal Cure: 985 S. Logan St., Denver, 303-777-9333, theherbalcure.net.
The Kind Room: 1881 S. Broadway, Denver, 720-266-3136, thekindroom.com.
Live Green Broadway: 2251 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-862-5016, patientschoiceofcolorado.com.
LivWell: 432 S. Broadway, Denver, 720-428-2550, livwellco.com.
Lucy Sky: 2215 E. Mississippi Ave., Denver, 303-733-5500, lucyskydispensary.com.
Pink House Pearl: 1445 S. Pearl St., Denver, 303-733-6337, pinkhouse.me.
Starbuds DU: 1640 E. Evans Ave., Denver, 303-975-6485, starbuds303.com.
Sticky Buds Broadway: 2262 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-282-0200, stickybuds5280.com.
Walking Raven Dispensary: 2001 S. Broadway, Denver, 720-420-4444, thewalkingraven.com.
Wellspring Collective: 1724 S. Broadway, Denver, 303-733-3332, wellspring-collective.com.

Southeast Denver
Altitude the Dispensary East: 6858 E. Evans Ave., Denver, 303-756-8888, altitudedispensary.com.
The Clinic Colorado: 3888 E. Mexico Ave., Ste. 110, Denver, 303-758-9114, thecliniccolorado.com.
Golden Meds Leetsdale: 970 S. Oneida St., # 15-17, Denver, 720-386-4665, goldenmedsdenver.com
Green Man Cannabis: 7289 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, 720-382-5950, greenmancannabis.com.
The Health Center University Hills: 2777 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, 303-758-9997, thchealth.com.
Nature’s Herbs & Wellness Center DTC: 3435 S. Yosemite St., Suite 200, Denver, 303-751-7888, naturesherbsandwellness.com.
Oasis Cannabis Superstore: 6359 E. Evans Ave., Denver, 303-756-1494, oasissuperstore.com.
Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness: 1569 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, 303-867-4768, preferredorganictherapy.com.
Sacred Seed: 5885 E. Evans Ave., Denver, 303-756-3762, sacredseed.co.
Tetra Hydro Center: 9206 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, 303-221-0331, tetrahydro.center.
Wellness Center of Denver: 330 S. Dayton St., Denver, 303-856-7798, wellnesscenterofdenver.com.
Wellness Center of the Rockies: 6853 Leetsdale Dr., Denver, 720-941-8872, wellnesscenteroftherockies.com.

Southwest Denver
Altitude the Dispensary West: 1568 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, 720-708-5428, altitudedispensary.com.
Back to the Garden: 1755 S. Broadway, Denver, 720-583-2119.
CannaMart: 3700 W. Quincy Ave., #3702, Denver, 303-734-0420, cannamart.com.
The Clone Store: 755 S. Federal Blvd., Unit 5, Denver, 303-993-5653, theclonestoredenver.com.
Colorado Harvest Company: 1178 S. Kalamath St., Denver, 303-777-1840, coloradoharvestcompany.com.
The Green Solution: 2601 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
The Grove: 74 Federal Blvd., Denver, 720-502-3957, strainwise.com.
High Street Growers: 330 Federal Blvd., Denver, 720-583-0194.
L’Eagle: 380 Quivas St., Denver, 303-825-0497, leagledenver.com.
Lightshade Sheridan: 1126 S. Sheridan Blvd., Denver, 720-630-2810, lightshade.com.
Live Green Morrison: 4000 Morrison Rd., Denver, 303-997-4602, patientschoiceofcolorado.com.
LivWell: 2193 W. Evans Ave., Denver, 720-361-2981, livwellco.com.
Mile High Wellness — Green Street: 2291 S. Kalamath St., Denver, 303-386-4280, milehighwellness.net.
Native Roots South: 2645 S. Santa Fe Dr., Units D&E, Denver, 720-428-8050, nativeroots303.com.
Next Harvest: 2748 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, 303-936-5983, nextharvest303.com.
Redeye Releaf: 1332 S. Cherokee St., Denver, 303-955-4060, facebook.com/redeyemmj.
Rocky Mountain High: 1233 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, 720-941-9333, rockymountainhigh.co.
The Bud Cellar (Rocky Mountain High): 1450 S. Santa Fe Dr., Denver, 303-777-6644, rockymountainhigh.co.
Sticky Buds Alameda: 183 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, 303-736-6999, stickybuds5280.com.

Northwest Denver
At Home Remedies: 4735 W. 38th Ave., Denver, 303-455-0079, athomeremedies.net.
The Clinic Highlands: 3460 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, 303-997-7130, thecliniccolorado.com.
The Giving Tree of Denver: 2707 W. 38th Ave., Denver, 303-477-8888, tgtree.com.
iVita Wellness: 2209 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, 303-997-7948, ivitawellness.com.
Oasis Cannabis Superstore: 5430 W. 44th Ave., Denver, 303-333-3338, oasissuperstore.com.
Platte Valley Dispensary: 2301 7th St., Unit B, Denver, 303-953-0295.
Sweet Leaf: 5100 W. 38th Ave., Denver, 303-480-5323, thesweetestleaf.com.
Trenchtown Medical Marijuana Center: 734 Sheridan Blvd., Denver, 303-495-3531, trenchtownmmj.com.
Tru Cannabis Berkeley Recreational: 4103 Sheridan Blvd., Denver, 720-389-8081, mytrucannabis.com.
Urba at MMD of Colorado: 2647 W. 38th Ave., Denver, 720-389-7911, mmdofcolorado.com.
Urban Dispensary: 2675 W. 38th Ave., Denver, 720-389-9179, urbandispensary.com.

Euflora at Southlands: 6260 S. Gun Club Rd., Aurora, 303-766-8677, eufloracolorado.com.
Euflora: 4343 S. Buckley Rd., Unit E, Aurora, 303-680-1016, eufloracolorado.com.
Good Chemistry: 16840 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, 303-745-2420, goodchem.org.
The Green Solution: 350 S. Potomac St., Aurora, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
The Green Solution: 3179 S. Peoria Ct., Aurora, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
The Green Solution: 1450 Havana St., Stes. C&D, Aurora, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
Medicine Man Aurora: 1901 S. Havana St., Aurora, 303-923-3825, medicinemandenver.com.
Rocky Road Aurora: 1712 S. Chambers Rd., Aurora, 720-277-0320, rockyroadrx.com.
Starbuds: 1408 N. Del Mar Pkwy., Aurora, 720-949-1389, starbuds303.com.
Sweet Leaf: 15200 E. 6th Ave., Aurora, 720-859-7896, thesweetestleaf.com.
Terrapin Care Station: 11091 E. Mississippi Ave., B, Aurora, 303-954-8402, terrapincarestation.com.
Tru Cannabis Aurora Recreational: 719 Billings St., Aurora, 303-343-1132, mytrucannabis.com.

The Happy Camper Cannabis Company: 80 Rosalie Rd., Bailey, 303-816-0420, thcbailey.com.
Sunrise Solutions: 43 Main St., Bailey, 303-816-6337. 

1859: 231 Gregory St., Black Hawk, 303-582-3510, 1859blackhawk.com.
Alternative Medical Supplies: 9 Karlann Dr., Black Hawk, 303-582-0420, facebook.com/pages/Alternative-Medical-Supply/633028946776286.
Rocky Mountain Organics: 5312 Hwy. 119, Unit B, Black Hawk, 303-582-5032. 

14er Holistics: 2897 Mapleton Ave., Ste. 800, Boulder, 303-539-6525, facebook.com/pages/14er-Holistics/10150135371255195.
Boulder Botanics: 1750 30th St., #7, Boulder, 720-379-6046, boulderbotanics.com.
Boulder Wellness: 5420 Arapahoe Ave., Unit F, Boulder, 303-442-2565, boulderwc.com.
Elements: 1534 55th St., Boulder, 303-444-0861.
The Farm: 2801 Iris Ave., Boulder, 303-440-1323, thefarmco.com.
Fresh Baked Dispensary: 2539 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-440-9393, freshbakedcolorado.com.
The Green Room: 2750 Glenwood Dr., 8, Boulder, 303-945-4074, bouldergreenroom.com.
Headquarters: 537 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, 720-287-1635, hqmmj.com.
Helping Hands Herbals: 1021 Pearl St., Unit B & C, Boulder, 720-476-6186, helpinghandsdispensary.com.
Karing Kind: 5854 Rawhide Ct., Unit C, Boulder, 303-449-9333, karingkind.com.
Magnolia Road Cannabis Co.: 1750 30th St., #84, Boulder, 720-502-4867, magnoliaroadcc.com.
MMJ America Boulder: 1909 Broadway, Ste. LL, Boulder, 303-862-4064, mmjamerica.com.
Native Roots Boulder: 1146 Pearl St., Boulder, 720-726-5126, nativeroots303.com.
The Station: 3005 28th St., Boulder, 303-442-0892, thestationboulder.com.
Terrapin Care Station: 1795 Folsom St., Boulder, 303-954-8402, terrapincarestation.com.
Village Green Society by CannaMart: 2043 16th St., Boulder, 720-389-5726, vgsboulder.com.

The Annie’s: 135 Nevada St., Central City, 303-582-5171, strainwise.com.
Green Grass Alternative Medicine: 440 Lawrence St., Central City, 303-582-5088, greengrassmmj.info.
Mother Lode: 109 Eureka St., Central City, 303-325-5392, mloxygen.com.

The Green Solution: 6020 W. 20th Ave., Edgewater, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
Greenwerkz: 5840 W. 25th Ave., Edgewater, 720-458-0251, greenwerkz.com.
Live Green Edgewater: 2517 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater, 720-920-9617, patientschoiceofcolorado.com.
Native Roots Edgewater: 5610 W. 20th Ave., Edgewater, 720-476-4856, nativeroots303.com.
New Age Medical: 2553 Sheridan Blvd., Edgewater, 303-233-1322. 
Northern Lights Natural Cannabis Co.: 2045 Sheridan Blvd., Ste. B, Edgewater, 303-274-6495, nlcannabis.com.

Sergeant Green Leaf Wellness Center: 1402 Argentine St., Georgetown, 303-569-0444, sergeantgreenleaf.com.

Emerald Fields: 4182 E. Virginia Ave., Unit C, Glendale, 303-377-1501, emeraldfields.com.
Natures Best Alternative Medicine: 4601 E. Mississippi Ave., Glendale, 303-386-3185, naturesbestpot.com.

The Kine Mine: 2820 Colorado Blvd., Idaho Springs, 303-567-2018, thekinemine.com.
Mountain Medicinals Wellness Center: 1800 Colorado Blvd., Idaho Springs, 303-567-0420, mountainmedicinals.com.
The Spring (Strainwise): 15 Colorado Blvd., Unit A, Idaho Springs, 303-567-2706, strainwise.com.

Herbal Wellness: 400 W. S. Boulder Rd., Lafayette, 303-665-5599.

Headquarters: 4497 Ute Highway, Longmont, 303-823-5143, hqmmj.com.
Native Roots Longmont: 19 S. Sunset St., Longmont, 720-340-4870, nativeroots303.com.

Compassionate Pain Management: 1116-7 W. Dillon Rd., Louisville, 303-665-5596, compassionatepm.com.
Starbuds: 1156 W. Dillon Road, Unit 3, Louisville, 720-389-6313, starbuds303.com.

The Bud Depot: 138 Main St., Lyons, 303-823-6422, buddepotdispensary.com.

The Canary’s Song: 1 W. 1st St., Ste. 1D, Nederland, 303-258-3552, thecanarysong.com.

Botanacare: 11450 Cherokee St., Unit A7, Northglenn, 303-254-4200, botanacare.com.
Doc’s Apothecary: 2100 E. 112th Ave., Northglenn, 303-974-5966, thedocsapothecary.com.
The Green Solution: 470 Malley Dr., Northglenn, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.
Green Tree Northglenn: 10575 Melody Dr., Unit 102, Northglenn, 720-596-4148, greentreemedicinals.com.
Natural Selections: 920 W. 104th Ave., Northglenn, 303-379-9526, naturalselections.farm.

The Green Solution: 645 Water St., Silver Plume, 303-990-9723, tgscolorado.com.

Best Colorado Meds: 4800 Lamar St., Wheat Ridge, 720-205-5314, bestcoloradomeds.org.
Chronic Therapy: 10030 W. 27th Ave., Wheat Ridge, 303-233-3087, chronictherapy.co.
Medical MJ Supply: 4845 Van Gordon St., Wheat Ridge, 303-997-4082, bestcoloradomeds.org.
Options Medical Center — Wheat Ridge: 9085 W. 44th Ave., Wheat Ridge, 720-242-9452, optionsmedicalcenter.com.

Know of a new recreational dispensary in metro Denver? Send information to marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.