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Photos: Arapahoe Basin Officially Opens the 2014-2015 Colorado Ski Season

The 2014-2015 Colorado ski season is officially open. Once again, Arapahoe Basin was the first resort to open, and shushing is underway at this writing. Continue for additional pics and more.

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Today's opening was previewed on Al's Blog, put together by Alan Henceroth, the resort's vice president and chief operating officer. Yesterday, he shared the following under the headline "First Run:"
I went for a run this afternoon just to make sure everything was ready for the opening. It was so good I stayed out and took a few extra laps. Either my boots shrunk or my feet got a little fatter over the summer. Our staff is putting the finishing touches on everything. The lift crew is training and setting up ramps and signs. The Ski Patrol is doing their thing. There is a lot of vacuuming going on around here. I am off to The 6th Alley for a "trial run" on their products and services. Friday will be a very good day. You know, this ski thing is a lot of fun.
Accompanying this post were the following photos: Preparations continued this morning, as you can see in this Colorado Ski Country USA tweet:

Meanwhile, the line to be the first on the slopes started early. Here's an A-Basin tweet:

A short time later came a followup featuring those first two lucky lift ticket holders:

After that, the celebration began in earnest. Here's the uncropped version of the photo at the top of this post....

...followed by three more Twitpics from 9News' Colleen Ferreira:

So...what are you waiting for?

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